Ask Gabriel: Facial Hair and Popularity

Ask Gabriel is an advice column series where you can get your questions answered about being transgender, coming out, changing your name, hormones, sexuality, representation, dating, etc. These are questions that have been submitted to me by transgender and nonbinary people! You can read my last column here.

Hi Gabriel,

I’m just under 6 months on T and I’m wondering if there’s a recommended date or wait time for starting minoxidil? – Sydney

As someone who is currently using minoxidil, I personally wouldn’t recommend starting minoxidil for at least a year on testosterone. The reason for that is because facial hair usually doesn’t show up much in the first year (I actually got the most growth after that) and most of the growth you get while using minoxidil may just be testosterone doing its work. In other words, it’s too early! Also, facial hair is still dependent on genetics even when using products to stimulate facial hair. Minoxidil can only do so much – if there’s no hair follicles hidden under the skin to stimulate, it will have no effect.

Remember to read up on all its side effects before starting it!

Hi Gabriel,

If you went on hormones to look male but then go by non binary, what is the point? There isn’t nothing feminine about you, you look like a man to me. How would someone even know to call you they/them? – Derek

Gender expression does NOT equal gender identity, friend. Continue reading