Gender Identity Resources in the UK

This is a list of resources that are available to those who live in the United Kingdom (composed of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and go through The Nation Health Service [a.k.a. NHS]) Huge thanks to my friend Ciara Marshall for this list, couldn’t have done it without them. 🙂

NOTE: If there are any inaccuracies or know something that should be added to this list, don’t hesitate to let me know!

General Resources and Support

Name Website Comments
Gender Identity Research & Education Society Uses research and individual experiences to help educate others.
Sparkle Actively promotes fundraising and transgender awareness.
Trans Media Watch Aims to improve media representation and coverage.
Gendered Intelligence Develops youth programs, workshops and offers sensitivity training.
Mind (Mental Health Charity) Provides a huge range of mental health resources.
Unity Group Wales Offers a wide range of support services for transgender folks.
Scotting Trans Promotes and strives to improve transgender rights and inclusion in Scotland.
Umbrella Cymru Offers a wide range of gender identity resources in Wales.

Health Resources

Name Website Comments
National Health Service (NHS) Official site of the National Health Service.
National Health Service (NHS) Official site of the National Health Service.
National Health Service (NHS) Official site of the National Health Service.
Gender GP (Dr Helen Webberly) A gender specialist and her team that offers a wide range of medical services for transgender people.

Children and Youth Resources

Name Website Comments
Mermaids UK Aims to raise awareness about gender nonconformity in youth and children.
LGBT Youth Scotland The largest youth and community-based organization for LGBTQIA+ people in Scotland.

Legal Resources

Name Website Comments
Press For Change A voluntary organization that strives to achieve equality in the UK.
Name Change Advice How to get started on changing your name.
Free UK Deed Poll You can fill in the required information and the site generates a deed poll for you to print and use.
Gender Recognition Certificate How to get started on getting a gender recognition certificate.

Nonbinary Resources

Name Website Comments
Terrence Higgins Trust,-reproduction-and-gender/Trans-women/Nonbinary A brief article on nonbinary identities.

Activism Resources

Name Website Comments
TIE Campaign A campaign group in Scotland that works to combat transphobia/homophobia/biphobia through education.

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